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How to start[edit | edit source]

You are a city planer in this concrete city and must try and place buildings next to each other.

Houses can score points based to their land value.

Other buildings influence the land value around them in a positive or negative way.

Every time the leftmost colum reaches the current limit, it is considered done.

It gives you points based on the value of the column and then disappears from the game board.

You only get points for columns that have reached the left side of the screen and have the target.

You can cause multiple columns to disappear at once, and you get an increasing bonus with each consecutive one.

Almost every card adds expendichoure to the city (the number in orange).

When this number reaches the limit, the minimum total required to score a column is raised!

How to acquire new cards[edit | edit source]

Some cards give you economy to buy new cards (the number in yellow).

When you have reached your economy limit

you will be able to pick new cards for your deck.

These cards will immediately be added to your discard pile for the rest of the game.

Some cards can imidiatly give you a purchece point

Starter tips[edit | edit source]

These are my first impressions tips (schwarzie2478)

  • While the limit is 3 or 4 try to chain as many columns as possible in one wipe. This can give you a bonus of 5000 or more (highest I have gotten for now).
  • After the first few levels of progress, don't try to prepare too many columns in advance! If you can't finish the leftmost one, you don't get any points for those after the first.
  • If you are about to finish a column, see if you can add some buildings for card purchasing, try to avoid raising the progress counter at all cost.
  • Try to pick new cards that still give you money and don't advance the economic total too much. (Don't go all blue...)
  • If you can, purchase at least one card that can delete cards from your hand. You'll need to eliminate the lower value cards to be able to keep up with the rising cost to score a column!

This is my advice after playing this game for a while and I'm sure other people will find this very basic, very fast. Add your own please!

My tips (Jokertyf)

  • The row score total is the square of the points. So when the goal is low, getting a super high point row is good.
  • You also get a bonus for clearing multiple rows. So clear as many as you can.
  • You can still place cards when rows are being scored so it is possible to get a nine or ten row combo, even though only eight columns are visible at a time.
  • Take advantage of cards that give block bonuses. You can get lots of points very quickly.
  • Use cards like breweries and office towers. They increase your economy and don't give any negative points.