Commercial Buildings

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Commercial buildings typically focus on Economy, while having a high Expense. You start off with 4 commercial buildings of your choosing at the beginning of a game. The list of commercial buildings is as follows.

Name Picture Stats Special Effects Repeats?
Level I (Starter)
Car Wash Car Wash.png 1/1 None Yes
Garage Garage.png 1/1 None Yes
Restaurant Restaurant.png 1/3 None Yes
Shops Shops.png 1/1 None Yes
Supermarket Supermarket.png 1/3 None Yes
Level II (Town)
Arthouse Cinema Arthouse Cinema.png 1/3 Discard a card from the build list. Yes
Market Market.png 2/2 None No
Level III (City)
Car Dealership Car Dealer.png X/1 Economy equal to targeted building's points (max. 16) No
Multiplex Multiplex.png 4/4 None No
Office Tower Office Tower.png 4/4 Can stack. Yes
Parking Parking.png 0/1 +5 Economy OR +2 max block size to selected adj. block No
Level IV (Metropolis)
Hotel Hotel.png 0/3 Collects 2x points, any points over 4 added to Economy No
Movie Studio Movie Studio.png 0/6 +2 Purchases No
Plaza Plaza.png 0/2 +1 Economy for every other building in block. No
Theatre Theatre.png 4/2 None No
Level V (Megacity)
Level IV (Landmark)
Meryl Tower Meryl Tower.png 0/9 Double purchase points, +1 to column target. No
Monolith Monolith.png 6/9 +1 to surrounding tiles on column completion No
Sol Grand Sol Grand.png 5/5 +1 to all tiles No